Pack Of 50 Soft Plastic Tent Balls For Kids – Multicolor


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Yousaf toys represent ,Pack Of 50 Soft Plastic Tent Balls For Kids in Multicolor.Want to create your very own ball pit or ball tent for your little one? Well we have something that will help you get started with that. We present to you the soft plastic tent balls, that will allow your child to enjoy all the fun a ball pit has to offer, in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Benefits of Soft Plastic Tent Balls For Kids are listed below:
1.Color recognition–The recognition of color is a very important part of the growth process of infants and young children. Syntecso pits balls for toddler has five bright colors, and parents can play with the children while letting the children learn to recognize the colors, which will promote their ability of color recognition.
2.Grouping— Through group exercises, you can test your child’s ability to distinguish colors, such as a group of red, a group of yellow. This kind of exercise can not only enhance children’s perception of various colors, but also let them learn the concept of grouping.
3.Throwing— The kids throw the ball pit balls away with fun, which can exercise their ability of hand and body coordination.
4.Counting— For older children, such as those already in kindergarten, parents can teach them the ability to calculate with marine balls.
5.Clean-up— After each play, if the ocean ball has been thrown all over the floor, parents can ask the kids to clean up the ball pit balls, which is mainly to cultivate good habits for children to pack their own things.

Specifications of Ocean Balls:
Circumference: 15.7cm (6.6in)
Diameter: 5.5cm (2.17in)
Material: Soft biodegradable plastic
Weight: 3.4g /sea ball

Package Included:
1 Pack x 50ball-pit balls

*As the pit balls for kids have already shipped to Amazon warehouse, we don’t provide color selection.
*A small percentage of ocean balls may be possibly damaged during transportation.In such case, you can contact us to get a refund.
*The actual product maybe slightly different from the picture shown due to lighting and the color setting of each individual monitor.
*NOT suitable for children under 2 Years Old.


  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Syntecso Sea Balls are made from non-toxic material, non-recycled & non-PVC plastic, BPA free, Phthalate free and lead free
  • FUN & HELPFUL: The colorful ocean balls are one of children’s favoriate toy,which will bring so much joy to the kids while promting their growth and development
  • PERFECT SIZE & SAFETY: Measuring 2.13 inches in diameter, the ballpit Balls are perfect for kids’ hands but unable to be placed in their mouths
  • PACK OF 100: 100 pack of play pit balls are ideal for kids’ birthday party and play daily, fitting any ball pit, tent, playhouse, kiddie pool, playpen and bounce house
  • CHEAP & DURABLE: The crush proof balls are made from durable material and soft enough for children.If you’re not satisfied with your order, please feel free to contact us for a solution


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